Social News and Events

Here at Abbey Runners, we get up to all sorts of social stuff – it’s not just about running!

The club has core annual social events that lots of Abbeys get involved with, as well as smaller ad hoc events organised throughout the year. Core events include:
• Summer club trip – think school trip but through a race in there. Previous club trips have seen us Chase the Train in the North Yorkshire Moors, run the Van’Elnor Trail Run in Lincoln, and run the Clumber Park 10k. All runs are followed by checking out the local area (and food!). All trips are child friendly.
• Club 5k handicap – a great way for all Abbeys to race each other, regardless of speed. Followed by food at the local pub, where the winner is presented with the Handicap Trophy.
• Christmas luminous run – Where we deck ourselves out in lights and glo-sticks and run through the woods in the dark searching for chocolate.
• Christmas party – where the committee present the awards for the year.
• Coming soon… Annual memorial run to remember past Abbey members.

Targeted parkruns
Each month we will target different parkruns and enjoy breakfast in different local cafes. Dates and locations will be posted in the facebook group and emailed to members.

International parkruns
For those who want to take parkruns to the next level, an international parkrun is organised each year. Favourite destinations include Ireland and Poland.

This year we’ll be targeting a parkrun every month and looking forward to enjoying breakfast in different cafes.

For up to date social information, please join our facebook page. This information is also emailed to members.