Runner of the Month

To nominate a fellow club member for runner of the month, just provide the name of your nominee, along with your reasons why you think he/she should win, to the Club Secretary. Nomination must be in writing, via e-mail to or by using this form and must be received before the 1st of the following month. Members may be nominated on the basis of race performances, attitude and commitment to training, or for any other significant contribution to the club’s activities. The only restriction is that no member may win the award more than once during a 12 month period.
October 2019 Winner – Cal Clark
Congratulations to Cal for being awarded Runner of the Month for October
Nominated for winning the Yorkshire Water 10k and an amazing time of 35.30 at the Abbey Dash
Also nominated were Lisa Persico, John Ackroyd, Aiden Curley, Sam Black and Ali Ameri

September 2019 Winner – Angela Ellis
Congratulations to Angela Ellis for being awarded Runner of the Month for September!
Nominated for a PB at the Great North Run & again at the Vale of York Half Marathon.
Also nominated were Andrea Cobo, David Leslie, Lisa Persico, Cal Clark, David Jackson, Tony Bastin and Craig Kent.

August 2019 Winner – Graeme Littlewood
Congratulations to Graeme for being awarded Runner of the Month for August!
Nominated for working tirelessly to set up, run and now maintain the C25K and white running group.
Ensuring that the new group feel at ease and fully welcomed into the club.
He organised everything and even now he spends his own time designing routes for them to try out and keep their enthusiasm.
He is always positive, friendly and encouraging.
Also nominated were Amanda Rhodes, John Ackroyd, Lisa Persico, Janet Bastin & John Ward
July 2019 Winner – Paul Greene
Congratulations to Paul for being awarded Runner of the Month for July!
Nominated for his ‘plucky’ running in the Donny 30k.
Also nominated were Mike Smith, Alison Smith, Craig Kent and Duncan Clark.

June 2019 Winner – Adam Ellis
Congratulations to Adam for being awarded Runner of the Month for June!
He was nominated for amazing support to the C25K team, being there for the runners for the last 10 weeks on a Tuesday, Thursday and most Sundays.
Also nominated were: David Jackson and Ross Armstrong
May 2019 Winner – Sophie Hodkinson
Congratulations to Sophie for being awarded Runner of the Month for May!
She was nominated for breaking her 10K PB (54:38) at a tough Cookridge Community Run.
Also nominated were: Ross Armstrong, Cal Clark, Duncan Clark, Alex Richards, Jane Oughton, Jim Whittaker, & Katherine Scott

April 2019 Joint Winners – Lisa Stansbie & Liam Jenkins
Congratulations to Lisa & Liam for being awarded Runner of the Month for April!
Both were nominated for amazing marathon performances.
Lisa won it for her impressive 3.28 Marathon time at Manchester (and setting a new F40 Abbey record).
Liam for his 2.52 London Marathon, an amazing marathon debut finish time.
Also nominated were Gill Nesbitt, Amanda Rhodes, Helen Roden, Craig Kent, Katie Taylor, Jim Whittaker and Katharine Scott
March 2019 Winner – Sarah Culkin
Congratulations to Sarah for being awarded Runner of the Month for March!
She was nominated for smashing her 10K PB with 44:47 at Bradford.
Also nominated were Freddie Roden, James Balkwill, Liam Jenkins and Craig Kent
February 2019 Winner – Laura Phillips
Congratulations to Laura for being awarded Runner of the Month for February!
She was nominated for her strong improvement, noticeable at the pecoXCs particularly race 5.
She then picked up a course PB at the Roundhay Parkrun
Also nominated were Gareth Carvill, Freddie Roden, Katherine Scott, Tony Bastin, Aiden Curley, Peter Badkin, Cal Clark, Tim Midgley, Jim Whittaker & Jane Oughton
January 2019 Winner – Faye Mullen
Congratulations to Faye for being awarded Runner of the Month for January!
She was nominated for her strong improvement, her performance at PECO Race 4 and her 5k PB of 22.31.
Also nominated was James Roden for his 4th place in the 17k Kirkstall Calverley Cutter and winning his age category!

December 2018 Winner – Jo Holland
Congratulations to Jo – Runner of the Month for December
Nominated for a great performance at the Ribble Valley 10K, and for being a supportive club member
Also nominated was Matt Ellis and the complete Abbey Women’s PecoXC team

November 2018 Winner – Alice Rogers
Congratulations to Alice – Runner of the Month for November
A amazing debut for the club, winning the first PecoXC race at Middleton Park by quite a margin.
Also nominated was James Balkwill
October 2018 Winner –  Bev Bemjamin
Congratulations to Bev for being Runner of the Month for October
Nominated for her 3.53 time at the New York Marathon and her commitment to training in he run up to this.
She was also 3rd in her age group in the Vale of York Half Marathon.
Also nominated were James Balkwill,  Helen Roden, Peter Persico, Freddie Rodden and David Leslie

September 2018 Winner –  Simon Jones
Congratulations to Simon for being Runner of the Month for September
Simon was nominated for winning the 15m coastal trail race at Ravenscar and for setting a new course record
Also nominated were John Ward, Dave Jackson, Jasmine Salih, Katie Taylor and James Balkwill

August 2018 Winner –  Alison Smith & Matt Ellis
Congratulations to Alison & Matt for being joint Runner of the Month for August
Alison achieved a sub 22 minutes 5K and ran well at the Firefighters 5 mile. Matt ran an impressive 37.53 at the Firefighters 5 mile.
Also nominated was Cal Clark for stepping in at the Leeds Country Way at short notice.


July 2018 Winner –  Graeme Littlewood
Congratulations to Graeme for being our Runner of the Month for July. Awarded for PBs in 10K and breaking 23 minutes for a 5K.
Other nominations were Thomas Hetherington, Kaiden Balkwill, Laura Philips and Lisa Stansbie.

June 2018 Winner –  Zellany Neal
Congratulations to Zellany for being our Runner of the Month for June. Awarded for coming first in her age category in both the Otley 10 mile and the Pudsey 10K.
Other nominations were Helen Roden, Ryan Clark & Alex Kilcoyne.

May 2018 Winner –  Jon Laye
Congratulations to Jon for being our Runner of the Month for May. Nominated for running the Edinburgh Marathon (with an injury) in 3:28
Other nominations were Duncan Clark,Helen Roden and David Nahal

April 2018 Winner –  David Leslie
Congratulations to David for being our Runner of the Month for April. Awarded for running the Krakow marathon in 4:07
and six days later running the 3 Peaks in 5:15

Other nominations were Aiden Curley, John Ward, Peter Persico, Helen Roden and James Balkwill.
Nominated, but not eligible having won the RoM in the last 12 months were, Lisa Stansbie and Suzanne Caley

March 2018 Winner –  Connor Clark
Congratulations to Connor for being our Runner of the Month for March. Awarded for being the first Abbey finisher at the Evensplits 5K
in a time of 19.15 and for winning the junior Parkrun at Roundhay on March 25

Other nominations were Alison Smith, Adam Ellis, and Michaela Clark (who was not eligible).

February 2018 Winner – Freddie Roden & Lisa Stansbie
Well done to our joint RoM for February.
Freddie for sub 20 min PB, and Lisa for performance at PECOs and strong return to fitness from maternity leave.

Also nominated were David Beesley, Laura Beesley, Graeme Littlewood and Kazuki Morimoto

January 2018 Winner –  Liam Jenkins

Congratulations to Liam Jenkins for being our Runner of the Month for January. Awarded for his strong (and improving!) performances in the PECO XC Races.


Also well done to our other nominees Jon Laye, Adam Ellis, Mark Hetherington, Liam Jenkins and Zen

December 2017- Winner –  Michaela Clark

Congratulations to Michaela Clark for being our Runner of the Month for December. Michaela achieved 3rd in her age category at the Chevin Chase followed by 2nd in her age category a few days later at the Ribble Valley 10k with a PB of 40:46. Well done, Michaela!


Also well done to our other nominees Elizabeth Willis, Aaron Badkin, Aidan Curley and Dave Jackson

November 2017- Winner – Suzanne Caley

Congratulations to Suzanne Caley for being our Runner of the Month for November. In recognition of her continued progress towards 40 races in her 40th year challenge.In November, she has been wearing the Abbey vest to race in the Abbey Dash, the Bolton Abbey 10m and the Manchester Christmas pudding 5, all done with a big smile and stacks of enthusiasm.

Also well done to our other nominees Michaela Clark, Flick Jackson, Lisa Hulme-Vickerstaff

October 2017- Winner – Robin Warden 

Congratulations to Robin Warden for being our October Runner of the Month!

Well done also to our two other most worthy nominees, Zen  and Connor Clark.

September 2017- Winner – Laura Beesley

Congratulations to Laura Beesley for being our Runner of the Month for September.

Also well done to our other nominees Daisy Nia Moore, Amanda Rhodes and David Beesley.

August 2017 – Winner – Peter Badkin


July 2017- Winner – Laurence Lennon

Congratulations to Laurence Lennon for being our Runner of the Month for July! Laurence was nominated for his strong performance at the East Leeds 10k (47 mins!), excellent recent improvement in pace and race performances generally (inc half marathon PB in May) and overall commitment to the club. Also nominated for July was Stephen Greene for his time of 39 mins at the Leeds 10k, running in very hot conditions. Plus he did a pretty sterling job again that month as Eccup 10 Race Director!

June 2017 – Winner – Rob Vincent & Alex Kilcoyne

  • Rob for 1st MV40 at Yorkshire Vets 5m Championship in Haworth
  • Alex for Triathlon achievement in Llandudno where she came 1st in her age category and is now going to Rotterdam for the ITU World Triathlon Age Group Championships

Also nominated Josh Holmes, Suzanne Calley, David Leslie, Peter Persico

May 2017 – Winner – Katie Taylor

For her 1:47 PB at Leeds Half Marathon as well as a 5K PB at John Carr Race 1. 

Also Nominated: Suzanne Caley, Laurence Lennon, Adam Ellis

April 2017 – Winner – Gill Nesbitt and Jim Whittaker

Jim Whittaker: Outstanding performance and P.b. in the Manchester marathon, defying convention and all the rules he achieved this on just a couple of long runs. Well done Jim!

Gill Nesbitt: For her first half marathon in Liverpool, coming in ahead of a 2 hour target in 1:57 and a new 10 mile PB.

Also Nominated: Craig Kent, Peter Persico, Adam Ellis, Michaela Clark, Aidan Curley

March 2017 – Winner – Ross Armstrong

For coming 13th male out of 745 in the PECO individual league and being part of the Abbey Relay team that won the club shield.


Also Nominated: Jim Whittaker, Laurence Lennon, Zellany Neal, David Leslie

February 2017 – Winner – Claire Barrett-Mold and Sunny Cheema

Claire,  for her performance at the PECO races and a PB at the Liversedge Half Marathon. Sunny achieved PB’s for both Dewsbury 10K and Snake Lane 10 mile.

Also Nominated: Ian Patchett, James Balkwell


January 2017 – Winner – Roger Wilson
Roger is a bit of an unsung hero and may not be known to many of our newer members, but he steadfastly turns out in all weathers for all the PECO races to time the junior races.  He represents the best of the running community, selflessly volunteering so that others can run and I am proud to be a member of a club that has Roger as a member.Also nominated: Simon Jones,Gill Nesbit

December 2016 – Winner – Adam Ellis

For his Parkrun PB on Christmas Eve


Also nominated: Jim Whittaker, Angela Ellis, Adam Ellis

November 2016- Winner –  Simon Jones

For his performances at the Guy Fawkes 10 and the Holly Hustle.

Also nominated was Stephen Greene

October 2016- Winner – Duncan Clark

 For picking up the silver medal at a 35m ultra marathon

Duncan Clark

September 2016- Winner – Michaela Clark

For coming 1st in her age category at the Kirkstall 7.  

Also nominated:  Sunny Cheema and Ian Patchet

August 2016- Winner – John Ward

for coming 3rd in his age category at the West Yorkshire 5 and his strong performances at the YVAA races.

Also nominated was Jasmine Salih

July 2016 – Winner – Emma Vincent

 for her Race the Stones charity run.  

Also nominated was Stephen Greene.

June 2016 – Winner – Robert Cumming 

for his performance at the Summer Mile (5 mins 2 secs), 10k PB at the Leeds 10k and sub-3 hour London Marathon


May 2016 – Winner – Lisa Hitchen 

for her PBs in recent 5k, 10k and half marathon distances

April 2016 – Winner – Freddie Roden

Parkrun PBs

Also Nominated:  Luke Wray-Rogers, Claire Huggins, Laura Shaw, Lisa Hitchen, Martin Jones

March 2016 – Winner – Aiden Curley

for continued hard work in training & his performance in Guiseley Gallop

Also Nominated:  Lisa Stansbie, Andy Wicks, Lisa Hitchen, Sunny Cheema

February 2016 – Helen Roden

for competing in all of the PECO’s & for her sterling work with the juniors
Helen Roden

Also Nominated:

  • Clark for continued commitment to the club and for his contributions whilst recovering – a great example to the rest of us.
  • Laurence Lennon for his great guts and perseverance for getting back into training and racing at PECOs and Snake Lane 10.  After a virtual break from training he has demonstrated his usual good humour and great Abbey attitude
  • Matt Ellis for a cracking 10k PB at the Dewsbury 10k and achieving his park run PB with a sub 23 minute  at Woodhouse Moor
January 2016 Sam Black 

Sam Black  for  passing 100 parkruns, for first M70 at TNT,  for still finding new challenges to motivate himself to get out and run, regular runner at the PECOs and for all round commitment to the club.

sam blackAlso nominated:

Alex Kilcoyne for PECO performance & for always giving her all at Tuesday & Thursday training sessions