Spond Groups

Here’s a list of all the Spond groups currently in use throughout the club.

GroupPace per mile
Spond LinkSpond Group ID
Tuesday White11:00-12:00 mins
4 to 5 miles
Join WhiteIAKCI
Tuesday Light Blue10:45-11:15 mins
4.5 to 5.25 miles
Join Light BlueNUCDX
Tuesday Blue10:00-11:00 mins
5 to 5.5 miles
Join BlueCLWUL
Tuesday Dark Blue10:00-10:30 mins
5 to 5.5 miles
Join Dark BlueCWDAA
Tuesday Orange9:30-10:00 mins
5.5 to 6 miles
Join OrangeSPXXB
Tuesday Tangerine9:30-10:00 mins
5.5 to 6 miles
Join OrangeUYVON
Tuesday Red9:00-9:30 mins
5.5 to 6 miles
Tuesday Green8:00-9:00 mins
6 to 6.5 miles
Join GreenZFMIT
Tuesday Lime8:00-8:30 mins
6-7 miles
Join LimeFWSGR
Tuesday Yellow7:30-8:00 mins
6.5 to 7 miles
Join YellowDRARI
Tuesday Purple06:30-07:30 mins
7 to 8 miles
Join PurpleXSAEU
Thursday Speed SessionsVariousJoin Thursday SpeedECBDK
Long Runners A mixture of steady and a lttle quickerJoin Long RunnersKSFHH
Park Run5km At your own paceJoin Park RunRUWJF