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The fall and rise of a running legend

duncanThis year has seen me venturing into a number of new areas. Fresh into a new job, running a beginners group and getting stuck into a few odd events as part the extreme 2015 challenge.

In my latest venture I’m going to be writing a blog for the club. For my first topic I’ve decided to investigate one of our own club runners Duncan Clark.

I’m sure most of you will know he has been out of action for a while following a decision to run on a damaged foot in the London Marathon. Despite the obvious disadvantage of running with a broken foot, which he noted went snap after a couple of miles he finished in 3:17:29. Before you all decide to go and smash your foot up in order to PB, our friend Duncan is not your typical runner.

Just looking at some of his times from runbritain or thepowerof10 or even our very own club records will demonstrate that.

While Duncan hasn’t been running recently he has been involved in the club, either supporting our club runners at races, doing his bit in the committee as men’s captain and helping June and I with the beginners club.

He’s starting on the road to recovery and I thought this would be a great opportunity to watch how he progresses. So the plan is to track his progress week by week and see how he goes from smashed runner to mean machine and get into the mind of a runner on the mend.

There ain’t no runner tougher so it will make for a good Yorkshire story of grit and blood.

Watch this space


Pub Quiz – February 10th

Abbey Pub Quiz – Please confirm your attendance

February 10th ………Run your normal Tuesday session then come to the High Farm for free Chilli, quiz and Runner of the Month night. Mark is quiz Master and he plans to start at 9 have a break for chilli at 9.30 and finish by 10.15.

PLEASE contact Jane through the contact form below for if you are interested and ASAP (and if you are veggie ). I need to order the correct number of portions.

If you aren’t running then come along for tea and some fun and meet us in the pub at 9pm.

I would like to attend the pub quiz on the 10th February


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