Doximity Business Associate Agreement

Contains a business phone number, voicemail, SMS, secure messages, email, etc. notification of illegal, unauthorized or incorrect uses or notifications and corrective action. Business Associate will notify the insured entity immediately and within 10 business days after receiving information about this known abuse, any illegal, unauthorized or improper use or disclosure of protected health information, security incidents or violations (all “known abuse”) by the insured entity. In addition, if the known abuse is a violation of unsecured protected health information, Business Associate must meet the requirements of 45 C.F.R. 164.410. Business Associate or, if the acts or omissions of a subsequent counterparty are the cause of the known abuse, will require a subsequent counterparty to take economically appropriate measures to mitigate the negative effects of a known abuse and to put in place additional or enhanced existing security measures to avoid a recurrence. Complete business phone systems. Real people. Expert in the business telephone system. Local help to solve phone problems in minutes. If you join Callifi, join our family. That`s why we adapt the most modern VoIP technology to the business needs of every customer. In addition, you always get a quick service from our communication craftsmen.

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