Distribution Agreement Traduzione

14 Termination effects (Effetti della risoluzione) In the event of termination of this contract in accordance with the previous article, the trader is required to: 6.2.1. The distributor processes all product orders by sending an order to the contractor in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract already agreed and accepted by the parties, which are attached to this Agreement. In any event, the adjudicating entity reserves the right to ask the distributor at any time, as a result of any changes to its trade guidelines, to cease the sale of a competing product, or even any competing product mentioned in Schedule 4. In this case, the distributor decides, within 12 months of the above communication, whether to suspend the sale of competing products or to terminate the contract before the expiry of this contract. If the trader does not make a decision within the aforementioned time frame, this contract is deemed to be automatically terminated. To offer or acquire the sale of new products in competition with the products covered by this agreement; The sale in the same commercial premises where the products are offered, offer or produce new vessels for sale by individuals or companies other than the client; To enter into agreements with third parties to sell and support products in competition with those of the client; 6.3 Product guarantee for the final customer (Garanzia del prodotto nei confronti dell`acquirente final) The contractor gives the buyer the guarantee that all products sold to the buyer under this agreement are compliant with the order and are made from new materials without original material and/or processing errors. The warranty is valid for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of delivery to the distributor`s final customer, provided that there is no more than thirty hours of flight time from the date of delivery. In the case of original material and/or processing error during the warranty period, the distributor acts in accordance with the guarantee management agreement attached to this agreement, the terms of which are all considered to be expressly accepted by the parties at the time of signing this contract. As part of this agreement, the client grants the distributor an exclusive licence for the distribution and sale of products bearing the mark in the territory during the duration of the agreement. However, the client reserves the right to sell his products directly to the following categories of final customers at prices that he deems most convenient without granting discounts or commissions to the merchant: – to pay immediately and without delay all sums owing to the client for any reason. Any renewal of the payment that can be granted to the merchant by the client is provided so that it is automatically revoked at the time of termination. To terminate without delay any activity under this agreement, with the exception, with the exception of the written order of the client, the delivery to the final customers of products already ordered by the client for which the sales contract between the distributor and the customer has already been signed.

The commitments covered in points (a) and (b) of this article do not apply to competing products already manufactured or sold by the distributor at the time of the signing of this agreement, which must be specifically mentioned in Schedule 4. Al commento fanno seguito degli esempi di clausole redatte, in inglese, in quanto ormai i contratti internazionali sono per lo piĆ© redatti in tale lingua ed utilizzando le drafting tecniques Anglosniasso, con traduzione in italiano, mentre in ven appendiceo propos poiti, in lingua inglese con traduzione in italiano, alcuni esempi di agency e distributorship agreement, per l`esattezza due agency agreement (UE-long form) e (Extra UE-short form), dueship agreement (EU), rispettivamente utilizzabili in un sistema di distribuzione esclusiva e in un sistema di distribuzione seletti e unultimo distributorship agreement (Extra-EU), seguiti al fondo da alcuni personali “suggerimenti bibliografici” per quanti vogliano deepene i temi qui trattati.