Tuesdays Are Back

** AUGUST 2021 UPDATE **
 From 7th September onwards, we will back at our club HQ Holt Park Active on Tuesday evenings.

In the short term, we will be meeting outside the centre, and NOT inside. We will gather at the appropriate colour window for each group. We have to remain mindful that not all of our members may yet be double vaccinated, so please avoid crowding as much as possible.

We will continue to make use of the Spond app, because it is a fantastic and flexible tool for structuring and managing our running groups. Spond saved us during lockdown and many of you have asked if we can keep using it. It has proved highly popular with our new joiners too. Spond informs the Run Leader who to expect on the night and allows the group to communicate effectively with each other between sessions. Spond also has the versatility of course to allow Run Leaders to flex the meeting up location, communicate the planned route and allow the Run Leader to access ICE details during a session if needed.

But if you are unable to use Spond, for whatever reason, do not let that stop you from turning up at HPA on the night, and going for a run. Just be aware that some groups (on the odd week) may be off doing a route at an alternative meeting up location. If anyone still needs help in downloading and using Spond, let us know. It’s a brilliant app. You don’t need a smartphone either, because you can receive notifications by email. (so if you’re reading our Abbey emails, you can use Spond)

So….this is what else you need to know before 7th September:

Tuesday night Spond groups will be re-structured back to the “core” coloured groups we have always had outside HPA.

Because we will be back to a narrower number of groups, if you currently run in (say) Tangerine group, make sure you join either Orange or Red Spond groups (if you’re not already in them).

Spond invitations for each group will continue to be sent out as usual 5pm on Saturday evenings.

Default group sizes on Spond will initially be set at 9 (plus Run Leader), but Run Leaders will of course have the flexibility to increase group sizes if there is demand.

The default locations on Spond will automatically be set at HPA, but Run Leaders will have the flexibility to vary the location in advance of each session should they wish to run routes in and around the North Leeds area.

For the first Tuesday of each month, however, we will meet up at HPA for club announcements – such as Runner of the Month, ringing the PB bell – and maybe look to meet up for a drink afterwards at either the Lawnswood Arms or at the Abbey Cafe (once we are back inside HPA).

Please avoid parking at HPA as parking is limited.

Please avoid crowding the entrance of HPA – wait by your respective coloured windows as per your running group [White Group to meet at it’s usual spot to the right of the Purple window]

Before the 7th Sept, Tuesday groups will continue to meet up at their current, separate locations.

We welcome new runners to join our training sessions. Please email our membership secretary, or simply follow the instructions below to join one of our Spond groups, and we’ll be in touch.

Spond invitations will go out at 5:00pm each Saturday evening, so get registered, and join the group or groups that suits your pace and distance. Don’t worry, your previous Spond registration is still valid and you won’t need to sign up again, just wait for the invitations to arrive on your smartphone.

To register with an Abbey running group you’ll need to download, install and register with Spond on your tablet or smartphone.

To install the App, so to the Apple App Store or Google Play store and search for Spond. Install the Run it.

Install it and run it.

Follow the instructions on the spond App to create an account. You can user your mobile number or email to register. You might find using your mobile telephone a bit easier than email account.

Once you’ve successfully installed the Spond app, registered, confirmed your registration via text or email and logged in, you’re ready to join the your running group

Joining a group will not automatically register you to run on a Tuesday, but once you’re a member of a group, you’ll receive a invitations to join events for that group. In this case, the Tuesday club run. Event invitations go out on Saturday evenings.

You can join more than one group, and you’ll receive invitations for each group you’re a member of. So If you’re a member of the red group and the blue group, you’ll receive invites to join the Tuesday club runs for both groups. Please don’t accept the invitation to more than the Tuesday run on the same week. If you accept an invitation by accident, or change your mind, you can remove yourself from that Tuesday’s run using the Spond App and someone on the waiting list can take your place.

To join a group of your choice, click on one of the Join links below. This will take you to the Spond app, and show you the request membership screen. Just push the button.

GroupPace per Km
Pace per mile
Spond LinkSpond Group ID
White7:10-7:40 mins
6.5 to 8 Km
11:15-12:00 mins
4 to 5 miles
Join WhiteIAKCI
Light Blue6:45-7:10 mins
8 to 9 Km
10:45-11:15 mins
5 to 5.5 miles
Join Ice BlueNUCDX
Blue6:15-6:45 mins
8 to 9 Km
10:00-10:45 mins
5 to 5.5 miles
Join BlueCLWUL
Orange6:00-6:15 mins
9 to 10 Km
9:30-10:00 mins
5.5 to 6 miles
Join OrangeSPXXB
Red5:40-6:00 mins
9 to 10 Km
9:00-9:30 mins
5.5 to 6 miles
Green5:00-5:40 mins
10 to 10.5 Km
8:00-9:00 mins
6 to 6.5 miles
Join GreenZFMIT
Yellow4:40 - 5:00 mins
10.5 to 11.5 Km
7:30-8:00 mins
6.5 to 7 miles
Join YellowDRARI
Purple4:00 - 4:40 mins
11.5 to 13 Km
06:30-07:30 mins
7 to 8 miles
Join PurpleXSAEU
BlackFast TBCFast TBCJoin PurpleQEMSN

Details of the meeting times and locations can be found on the Tuesday Run events on Spond. Please read the attached information here.