Free Indiana Purchase Agreement Form

The Indiana Department of Administration is responsible for the Indiana State Surplus Land Ordinance. Based on IC 4-20.5-7, the ministry`s disposition policy holds two processes for the disposal of excess land: sealed bid and live auction. The department conducts a trial search on the basis of properties. The purchase of land at market prices, as fixed by the sealed auction or auction procedure, is granted in preference to public authorities, universities and political subdivisions. Immovable property for which no public authority, university or political subdivision informs the department of its interest is awarded to the bidder offering the highest bid or auction amount equal to or greater than the impaired value. For any questions or other information regarding the state`s surplus real estate process, please contact Steve Harless, Executive Director of the IDOA. If you need to sell or buy real estate, you want to avoid dealing with brokers. The main reason is that it is a very expensive service. Anyway, you need to prepare a contract. You must submit the contract for the sale of real estate (no broker). This is a complex document that must be duly completed to obtain legal value.

Homes built before 1978 may contain lead-based paint, so sellers must disclose this information to all potential buyers by completing this form prescribed by the Confederation. Disclosure of the Seller`s Sale of Residential Real Estate (Form 46234) (Article 32-21-5-10) – Before accepting the potential buyer`s offer, the seller is legally required to provide the potential buyer with a complete copy of the aforementioned disclosure form, which lists various essential facts/defects requested regarding the contracted property. With regard to real estate, a contract of sale is a contract between a buyer who wishes to buy a house or other land and a seller who owns and wishes to sell that property. A real estate purchase contract is usually offered by a buyer and is subject to acceptance of the terms by the seller….