Clinical Collaboration Agreement

These agreements are often requested by companies that wish to ensure the confidential treatment of all proprietary information they disclose during cooperation on the proposal. Intensity Therapeutics, Inc. is a privately managed, clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering a novel immunology-based approach to treating solid tumor cancers. Intensity is using its DfuseRxSM technology platform to develop new proprietary drug formulas that rapidly disperse into a tumor after direct injection and diffuse therapeutic active ingredients into cancer cells. Intensity`s candidates have the potential to induce an adaptive immune response that attacks not only the injected tumor, but also the non-injected tumors. In 2014, the company entered into a Research and Development Cooperation Agreement (CRADA) with the Vaccine Department of the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The company is collaborating with Bristol, Myers Squibb (BMS) to evaluate the clinical combination of the company`s leading product, INT230-6, with BMS` anti-CTLA 4 Yervoy antibody in patients with advanced solid malignancies. The company is also collaborating with Merck Sharpe & Dohme to evaluate the combination of INT230-6, Intensity`s lead product candidate, and keytruda® (pembrolizumab), Merck`s anti-PD-1 (programmed death receptor) treatment, in patients with advanced solid malignomes. For more information, visit www.intensitytherapeutics.com and follow us on Twitter @IntensityInc. Dr.

Reddy`s and RDIF begin clinical trials of the Sputnik V vaccine in India Intragovernmental Personnel Act Assignments (IAP): an agreement that defines the obligations and responsibilities of the parties when a faculty member is temporarily assigned to a federal authority. Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA): a legal agreement between a federal laboratory and the university to work together on a project. The agreement does not involve a transfer of funds from the government. A CRADA allows the federal government and the university to optimize their resources, share technical know-how and share the intellectual property that results from the efforts. CRADA Is used by federal laboratories to provide facilities, equipment, personnel, services or other non-monetary resources to support a joint research effort. Consortium agreement: an agreement that governs the conditions for joining a consortium. The program will evaluate the safety and efficacy of intensity INT230-6`s lead product, a novel and effective anticancer drug that will directly kill cancer cells by intratumor injection and improve the detection of cancer immune cells when administered in combination with the cytotoxic cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4 (CTLA-4) inhibitor of the Yervoy immune control station (Ipilimumab) in combination with Bristol Myers Squibbs. .