Targeted ParkRun – Roundhay November 2014

2014-07-09_13-44-55Abbey Runners has decided to target a local Parkrun 5k on the second Saturday of every month, rotating around the three main Parkruns in Leeds and then targeting a different one every 4th month.  The aim is to get more Abbey Runners together at these fun, free races.  It is good speed training and also  encourages people that are new to racing to have a go at a 5k!

Good turnout this weekend – well done everyone

5 Duncan CLARK 19:17 VM50-54
6 Luke WRAY-ROGERS 19:37 VM35-39
41 Kate BELL 21:49 VW40-44
44 Ian PATCHETT 21:56 VM50-54
48 James WHITTAKER 22:20 VM45-49
98 James BALKWILL 24:25:00 VM40-44
126 Elaine GEE 25:46:00 VW50-54
129 Helen NURSE 26:01:00 VW45-49
152 Liz WILLIS 27:22:00 VW50-54
163 Lucy COHEN 27:53:00 VW40-44
212 Adrienne POSTLE 30:18:00 VW40-44
215 Howard SMITH 30:21:00 VM45-49
261 Kieren BALKWILL 35:00:00 VW40-44

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