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Targeted ParkRun – Temple Newsam Oct 2014

parkrunAbbey Runners has decided to target a local Parkrun 5k on the second Saturday of every month, rotating around the three main Parkruns in Leeds and then targeting a different one every 4th month.  The aim is to get more Abbey Runners together at these fun, free races.  It is good speed training and also  encourages people that are new to racing to have a go at a 5k!

Duncan Clark came in second in 18:55

Pos Name Time
2 Duncan CLARK 18:55:00
30 John WARD 22:29:00
39 James BALKWILL 23:39:00
102 Kieren BALKWILL 29:31:00


The Abbies at Temple Newsam parkrun. Plus some pig escapees who were apparently there for porkrun.




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