Reminder: Special offer: Marshal 2, Run 2 Free

Abbey Runners organises four major races each year:

  1. the Abbey Anniversary Fell Race (5th June),
  2. Eccup 10 (13th July),
  3. Golden Acre Relay (23rd July) and
  4. the Rombalds Romp (13th September).

Note that no previous experience is necessary!  Full instructions and suitable roles will be allocated to all volunteers!

These races are absolutely crucial to our fundraising and so we need members to marshal and we need members to volunteer early so we can be sure we have enough marshals without having to nag.  As members you benefit from the funds raised, so it is important that you help to raise these funds.  As an added incentive, the usual Marshal 2, Run 2 Free deal is available, the rules of which are:

  1. Any Abbey member who volunteers to marshal/help out at Eccup 10, plus one of the other 3 races, will be entitled to free entries to the other 2 races (free entries are non-transferable).
  2. Any Abbey who marshals/helps out at Eccup 10 will be entitled to enter any (or all) of the other 3 races, subject to payment of the usual race entry fee.
  3. Any Abbey who cannot help out at Eccup 10, but who volunteers to marshal/help out at 2 of the other races, will be entitled to a free entry to the remaining race.
  4. Any Abbey who wants to run the Eccup 10 has 2 choices: (i) Provide a ‘substitute’ marshal (who cannot be an Abbey member) or (ii) volunteer to marshal / help out at 2 of the other races. In either case, Abbey entries for Eccup 10 will only be accepted once (and if) we have enough marshals for the race, and will be subject to the payment of the usual race entry fee.
  5. Only fully ‘paid up’ Abbey members will be entitled to ‘free entries’ to any of our races under the above system.
  6. Any Abbey member attempting to bypass this system by entering Eccup 10 either online or postally (unless this is due to a genuine misunderstanding of the system by, for example, a new member of the club), will have their entry rejected and will forfeit their right to try and obtain an entry under (4) above.

Please let us know whether you can help or not by completing this short form at

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