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How to add a “Race report” or “News article”

Here’s a quick introduction describing how Club members can add a race report or a news article

1. First you need to login

Click on the LOGIN option and enter your username and password

You should get a big bar at the top which will give you access to add a race report or news article

2. Select the New Post option from the top bar

Add a post

3. Give the race report a title and enter some text

Try and make this snappy and informative (good luck with this …)

Add New Post

4. Add an Image (Optional)

Images help bring an article to life so if you have one then do use it (please note – no pictures of cats)

Just click on the Add Media button

Add an Image

Then click upload and select your image

Make sure to add a caption!

It should look something like:

Getting there

5. Tick the “race report” category

Adding a category

Race reports are shown on the bottom section on the front page under Latest Race Reports and on the news sections of the site.

If you want to add some news then select the news category instead and it will appear in the Recent News section

6. Save the Draft

This will save the work you have done but it won’t be published yet, but makes sure your hard work isn’t lost by accident!

7. Click Preview

This allows you to see what the report will look like before it is published and gives you an idea what it will look like on the site

8. Amend it until happy

Makes as many changes as you want until you are happy.

In this final version I’ve added some more text – highlighted some of the text and right aligned the image.

The finished article

9. Submit for Review

When you feel your race report is ready,  submit it for review and then either I or Martin will review, make tweaks (maybe) and then publish.

The race report won’t be published until after the review is complete, normally you should expect that to be done that day as the website will send Martin and I a nagging email.


Feel free to use different styles such as bold or italic but but try to avoid underline for anything other then links.

You might want to quote someone:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional

– Haruki MurakamiWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Use lots of colours or not, or add a few bullets:

  • To make a point
  • To list something
  • Because you like dots?

Finally, sit back and wait for the glowing reviews!

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