The Pain Barrier 10k

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4 Responses

  1. peter.persico says:

    Andy – Since I work alongside such people, they are well aware of these activities. So far, no concerns have been brought forth. The photo is a good shot of me actually running out of the water ready to hit the next section as opposed to some that walked out.
    Kaz – It gets to be a bit of a thrill and has meant that I have signed up to do more of these kind of events. I would recommend them though.

  2. Kaz Ozawa says:

    Peter, you are so wild! Are you mad about mud?

  3. andrew.wicks says:

    Have you seen a psychiatrist about this Peter? Are the cross country races not steep, wet and muddy enough for you?

    Well done though! No wonder you were a bit tired at the Leeds Xmas 10k the next day!

    ….when’s the next one?

  4. devmikey says:

    Love the comment about “There were several points during the run where we encountered cold and muddy water” – deep deep water i’d say.

    Kudos Peter!

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