race reports

Fairfield Horseshoe

After a couple of years absence  from the English/British Championship fell racing scene it was great to be back for the Fairfield race, starting from the picturesque setting of Rydal Hall near Ambleside. It was raining heavily before the start of the race, fortunately as we started the rain stopped and we got a bit of sunshine too.

The first three mile is virtually all climbing, but once you have conquered this you are rewarded with some fine views. Hilary had caught me up at Great Rigg Summit and we more or less ran the rest of the race in tandem. Between Fairfield summit and Dove Crag summit is a rocky section, a very slippery rocky section in fact!¬† I fell chin first on the rocks which certainly rattled my teeth a bit! ( and, as it turned out, meant a visit to the dentist’s on Monday morning)¬† Hilary kindly stopped to check I was ok. In fact we both stopped on several occasions to check on the welfare of several runners who had had worse falls than myself. All the Abbeys did well. Dominic was first back in 1.51 followed by Richard 1.54, John F 2.02 and then Ann in 2.07 Hilary 2.22 and then yours truly in 2.23

The race was advertised as 9 mile, I had 10 recorded on my Garmin. I know I am the worlds worst navigator ever but I certainly didn’t go 1 mile wrong! What about you others ?

Really enjoyed the race and day out despite feeling rather battered and bruised the next day

Dave B