Oct 182012
Martin eats

The man behind the weekly phenomenon

I know some of you think that I slave for hours over a hot computer researching the words ‘n’ stuff for your weekly helping of Abbey pie, but truth is, I rely on a phalanx of informants closer to the dark underbelly of the running underworld than I. All of which is a roundabout way (the only way I know) to point out that if there are things you think your fellow Abbey ought to know (such as up and coming races, bargain offers at Up & Running, a planned Sunday long run, repeats of Blake’s 7 on BBC4) then email me and I’ll include it in the weekly circular (well maybe not the repeats of Blake’s 7; I’ll keep that one to myself).

Abbey Dash

A plea from your Uncle Peter to please help at the Abbey Dash on Sunday the 18th November. We need more members to marshal at road junctions on Kirkstall Road and to help at the start and finish areas in the city centre.

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