Social News and Events from 2017

Target Park Runs in 2017 

Every month we are selecting a  local Parkrun, with the aim of getting Abbeys to try different Park Runs.

November target Parkrun was a great day out at Malahide castle in Dublin. 

14 Abbeys turned up to run the Parkrun and enjoy the sights and Bars of Dublin.


We revisited Bramley Park run in September with another breakfast at the Old Unicorn after run.

Great Abbey turnout at the excellent new Rothwell Parkrun on Saturday 19th August.  (Nice breakfast too!)


Abbey Target Parkrun at Bradford Lister Park on Saturday 27th May. Really impressed with Lister Park, beautiful weather and lovely park with Lake and some hills. We opted for a coffee from take away van in park after race.

Photos from the Abbey Target Parkrun at Cross Flats Park run on Saturday 22nd April. Enjoyed the breakfast at Sandwiches Galore!

Photos from the Abbey target Parkrun  at Roundhay Park, followed by breakfast at the Lakeside Cafe on Saturday 18th March.


Our first Target Park Run was Bramley Park Run, followed by a social breakfast at the Old Unicorn Inn.


Upcoming Social Events in 2017 

Abbey Runners like to socialise together as well as run together! Here are some ideas for this year…..

Month Event
February Meal out to Jinos (Thai restuarant) – Friday 24th 8:30
March  18th March Roundhay Park Run and breakfast
April Quiz night Tuesday April 11th ClubRun followed by Quiz and Pizza at the High Farm Pub
June Club Handicap 5K & BBQ
Club Trip
July Washburn Relay & Picnic
August Race the Train and camping weekend
October  Post Hill Challenge 5K  and breakfast
November  Unofficial Fun Abbey Awards Night
December Christmas night out and Official Abbey Awards