May 192014
Le Tour comes to Cookridge

Le Tour comes to Cookridge… or training and racing together To mark the arrival of that there Grand Départ in Leeds this summer, Abbey will be staging its very own this Tour in June/July. The aim is to stage some whole club training sessions that both encourage a stronger racing mentality and help us all to get to know each other a bit better.  We’re a big club, but we run in small groups (albeit for good reason) that can make it difficult to get to know those outside our particular training group. Le Tour de Cookridge is four race/training events [more ...]

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Jul 292014

Pos Team No Team Name Category Leg 1 Runner Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Runner Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Runner Leg 3 Time Total Time 1 76 Leeds City AC Men’s Open Leon Foster 15:11 Adam Osborne 14:35 James Walsh 14:03 43:49* 2 17 # York Elite Men’s Open Joshua Schofield 14:37 Peter Jarvis 15:03 Ben Lewis 14:28 44:08 3 126 The Right Holmes Men’s Vets Christian Holmes 15:09 Nick Charlesworth 15:37 Ian Holmes 14:35 45:21 4 21 York Juniors Junior Boys George Condon 16:06 Angus McMillan 15:29 Alex Botterill 15:24 46:59 5 23 York Junior Boys Rule! Junior [more ...]

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Jul 242014

Le Tour de Cookridge came to a thrilling conclusion on Tuesday night with the final King of the Mountains stage.  Overall winners were Duncan Clark and Karen Garvican and full results are available here.  In all, 59 Abbeys took part over the four stages and it the event succeeded in not only being great fun, but also showing the enormous improvements some have made through training with Abbey and demonstrating the way different disciplines suit different people.  Well done to one and all! I would encourage everyone to join in if they can next time, because there was a strong [more ...]

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Jul 162014
A Day in the Life of a Tour Maker

by Bernard Foster Yes, I know, this is not a running related article, but many Abbey Runners have been caught up in the Tour de France and at least five were Tour Makers – Roger Wilson, Mark Hetherington, Bina Bhatia, Andy Wicks and myself. Any more? If I’ve missed you out, let me know and I’ll add your name. On the Saturday I had intended to go with my son to Ilkley but, in one of those increasingly frequent senior moments, we got on the wrong train and ended up in Harrogate. No problem though as the atmosphere was great, [more ...]

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Jul 112014
Abbey Tour de Cookridge - Stage 4 - 22nd July

Stage 4 is on 22nd July and will be a time trial consisting of 1 mile ran up hill followed by 1 mile downhill. The course will be up Otley Old Road to Cookridge Tower, then you can use the rest of the training session to work your way back to the club. Come and see what times you can do – even if you’re not in the Tour Stage 3 Report See the current standing here

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Jul 112014
L'Etape Du Tour

 L’Etape Du Tour - 7km Multi-terrain    8th July 2014              Results Position Runner Number Runner Name M/F Run Time Time Gap Tour Time 1 53 Duncan Clark M 00:26:06 00:00:00 00:26:06 2 48 Karen Garvican F 00:27:48 00:01:42 00:27:48 3 59 Gareth Cavill M 00:27:57 00:00:09 00:27:48 4 33 Martin Jones M 00:28:21 00:00:24 00:27:48 5 54 John Halliwell M 00:28:43 00:00:22 00:27:48 6 83 Nick Scrase M 00:30:12 00:01:29 00:30:12 7 77 Nicola Gabbutt F 00:30:33 00:00:21 00:30:12 8 24 David Nahal M 00:31:04 00:00:31 00:31:04 9 68 Paul Clarkson M 00:31:31 00:00:27 00:31:04 10 [more ...]

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Jul 112014
Tour of Cookridge

With the cyclists back in France on Tuesday 8th July, the Abbey Tour of Cookridge continued with Stage 3 – L’Etape du Tour. A 7km multi-terrain race which was all about chasing the person in front, while they desperately tried to shake off the pursuing runner. It was a mass start race but the timing for the Tour concentrated on whether or not each runner finished within 30 seconds of the person in front, any runners managing to hang on formed a mini peloton of their own and got the same time as those ahead.The course contained, stiles, a hill [more ...]

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Jul 072014
Total Warrior Super 10 weekend 2014

I did the Total Warrior run on both Saturday 21st June and Sunday 22nd June, in what they called the Super 10 weekend. Why would I do such a thing? I’m not entirely sure I know, but perhaps the account below will shed some light on the matter or my state of mind. Total Warrior was advertised as a 10km+ obstacle run with 25-30 obstacles designed alongside ex-military personnel in order to test strength, stamina, and mental determination. The organisers had also stated that, “For anyone crazy enough to attempt both days – Super 10 Weekend – we are offering [more ...]

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Jun 272014
Garmin Connect

Come on all you Abbey Runners if you have a Garmin device and you are on Garmin Connect .. why not join ABBEY RUNNERS on Share routes, chat , comment or just spy on what your fellow Abbeys are doing! 

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