Grand Prix 2014


Peco Race 5

Many running clubs feature an annual ‘Grand Prix’ competition designed to reward the ‘best’ all – round runners (men & ladies, ‘open’ & ‘age-graded’). Another benefit of such an arrangement is that it tends to ‘focus’ the club’s presence at a smaller number of ‘key’ races (rather than having a few runners at lots of races), which is good both for the perception of the club within the running community, and for fostering ‘post-race socialising’.

The Abbey Runners Grand Prix will be based on the points scored from 8 races (7 local races + any 1 ‘long’ race). In order to have a chance of winning, you will need to be prepared to race on a variety of surfaces (Road, Trail, Cross Country & Fell), but it will not be necessary to race on all 4 types of terrain (so, for example, fell runners who don’t want to run on road under any circumstances, will be able to avoid the dreaded tarmac and still be able to compete in the Grand Prix).

The races have been chosen on the basis of being (a) reasonably local, (b) spread out throughout the year, (c) reasonably easy to enter (unlike, for example, the Brass Monkey Half Marathon) and (d) suitable to all standards of runner and, mostly, all levels of experience.

Final results 2014

Age Grade results

Open Results

If an official ‘club trip’ is organised this year, that race will be added as an extra choice in the appropriate category.

Short (up to 7.5 miles)

Dewsbury 10k (Road) 2nd February

PECO Cross Country League 2013-4 Race 5 (XC) 2nd March

Epilepsy Action Bradford 10k (Road) 16th March

Midgley Moor Fell Race (Fell) 23rd March

Guiseley Gallop (Trail) 20th April

Jack Bloor Race (Fell) 13th May

Apperley Bridge Canter (Trail) 22nd May (Date TBC)

Ilkley Trail Race (Trail) 26th May

Abbey 5k Club Handicap Race (Road) June 2014 (Date TBC)

Roundhay parkrun (Road) 12th July

West Yorkshire 5 Mile (Road) 10th August

Kirkstall Abbey 7 (Trail) 21st September (Date TBC)

Withins Skyline (Fell) 12th October

Bradford City Runs 10k (Road) 26th October

PECO Cross Country League 2014-15 Race 1 (XC) Nov 2014 (Date TBC)

Best 4 scores to count (must include at least one race from each of 3 categories: road, trail, fell, XC)

Medium (7.5 – 15.5 miles)

Dentdale Run (Road) 8th March

Bluebell Trail 10 (Trail) 4th May

Leeds Half Marathon (Road) 11th May

Austwick Amble (Fell) 26th May

Wharfedale Off Road Half Marathon (Trail/Fell) 7th June

Otley 10 Mile (Road) 11th June

Round Hill (Fell) 10th August

Huddersfield Hilly Half Marathon (Road) 5th October (Date TBC)

Harewood 10 (Trail) October 2014 (Date TBC)

Best 3 scores to count (must include at least one race from each of 2 categories (road, trail, fell). You may count the Wharfedale Off Road Half as either a trail or a fell race.

Long (over 15.5 miles)

Any road, trail or fell race where times and positions are recorded (see ‘Notification of Results’ below). The qualifying period for Long Races is Feb 1st – Nov 30th inclusive.

Best 1 score to count

Prize Categories

There will be prizes (the number of which will depend on the number of runners participating) in the following categories: Men’s Open, Ladies Open, Men’s Age-Graded, Ladies Age-Graded.

Scoring System

Points will be calculated as follows.

For Men: (Race Winners Time / Abbey Runner’s time) x 100

For Ladies: (First Lady’s Time / Abbey Runner’s time) x 100

This is the same system used to calculate points in the Fell League (and for the previous Road Race League)

Age-Graded points will be calculated by adjusting the points score calculated above by applying the appropriate WAVA conversion factor.

Notification of Results

The results of all the races on the above list, and the ‘club trip’ race will be entered into the ‘master spreadsheet’ without any need for you to notify me. However, you must email me with a link to the results of your ‘long race’ as soon as they become available.

Prize Eligibility

A minimum of 6 counting races must be completed in order to be eligible or a prize.

Final Results 07/12/13 – Open tables & Age Graded

Grand Prix Master Spreadsheet OPEN results

Grand Prix Master Spreadsheet Age Graded Results