Oct 212013


This years AGM will be on Tuesday 12th November at AWMA.

The AGM Pack can be downloaded from the site and includes the formal notice, the agenda and a nomination form for committee positions. Any club member can stand for any committee position; you just need one member to nominate you and another member to second you.
The AGM is your opportunity to hear what the club has been up to over the past year and discuss important aspects of its future development. We hope to see as many of you there as possible so please make sure you have the date in the diary.

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Sep 152013

The Leeds Abbey Dash is the most popular 10K run in Leeds and now you can win 2 free tickets! It’s easy to see why it’s loved….a very flat route, tons of PB potential and a fantastic atmosphere. The race attracts 10,000 runners to Leeds City Centre and raises over £250,000 for older people in Leeds and around the UK.

For your chance to win two FREE tickets courtesy of Age UK simply visit Age UK and enter your name and email.

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Jul 312013

Sat 17th August, 9.00am

Along with other local clubs, Abbey Runners has been offered the opportunity to ‘host’ a parkrun event. This means that, as a club, we have to manage the run (marshalling, recording, timekeeping, etc.) and in return, we have the opportunity to promote our club and encourage local ‘Unattached’ runners to give us a try.

We will be hosting the parkrun at Hyde Park (Woodhouse Moor) on Saturday 17th August. The club committee (or as many of us as are available on this date) will organise the run (marshalling, recording, time keeping, etc.), but we need as many of you as possible to come along and run in the event (wearing your Abbey vests, of course). It would be great if you could chat to the runners around you and try to engage their interest in our club. We will have a stand at the finish, where we will hand out flyers, giving details of when and where we meet for training, the club web site address, etc. If you would rather help out than actually run, please email Club Coach Mark via the contact form and he’ll allocate a role to you.
This is a great opportunity to recruit new members and promote Abbey Runners, so please make every effort to be there.

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May 302013
Abbey Dash

Abbey Dash

The Abbey Dash registration is now open!

Members of Abbey Runners should check with Alex Grant before registering.

The 29th Abbey Dash will take place on the 17th of November and, as well as being previously voted in Runner’s World’s top ten 10k races, every finisher gets a technical t-shirt courtesy of Age UK.

Sign up now at Age UK Leeds Abbey Dash 2013

This fantastic 10k is flat, fast and perfect for beginners and elites alike. Have fun, get fit, and raise money for older people in Leeds and around the UK.

Start: Wellington Street, Leeds, LS1 4LT
Date: 17 November
Cost: £20 (£18 UKA)
Course: Flat roads, out and back
Start: 9.30am

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May 242013

Firstly – all members have been set up with accounts and should be able to login.

If you are having problems logging on then you can reset your password:

1. First go to the LOGIN page and the Lost Password Option


2. Enter your username or email address



3. Check your email, you should receive a password reset link



4.  Click on the Link and you’ll be taken to the Password Reset Page

5. Enter a new password


If you are still having problems then send me a message through the contact form

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May 242013

Here’s a quick introduction describing how Club members can add a race report or a news article

1. First you need to login

Click on the LOGIN option and enter your username and password

You should get a big bar at the top which will give you access to add a race report or news article

2. Select the New Post option from the top bar

Add a post

3. Give the race report a title and enter some text

Try and make this snappy and informative (good luck with this …)


Add New Post

4. Add an Image (Optional)

Images help bring an article to life so if you have one then do use it (please note – no pictures of cats)

Just click on the Add Media button


Add an Image

Then click upload and select your image


Make sure to add a caption!

It should look something like:


Getting there

5. Tick the “race report” category


Adding a category

Race reports are shown on the bottom section on the front page under Latest Race Reports and on the news sections of the site.

If you want to add some news then select the news category instead and it will appear in the Recent News section

6. Save the Draft

This will save the work you have done but it won’t be published yet, but makes sure your hard work isn’t lost by accident!

7. Click Preview

This allows you to see what the report will look like before it is published and gives you an idea what it will look like on the site

8. Amend it until happy

Makes as many changes as you want until you are happy.

In this final version I’ve added some more text – highlighted some of the text and right aligned the image.


The finished article

9. Submit for Review

When you feel your race report is ready,  submit it for review and then either I or Martin will review, make tweaks (maybe) and then publish.

The race report won’t be published until after the review is complete, normally you should expect that to be done that day as the website will send Martin and I a nagging email.


Feel free to use different styles such as bold or italic but but try to avoid underline for anything other then links.

You might want to quote someone:

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional

Haruki MurakamiWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Running

Use lots of colours or not, or add a few bullets:

  • To make a point
  • To list something
  • Because you like dots?

Finally, sit back and wait for the glowing reviews!

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May 162013

In a fit of excitement I’ve added a new page where members can add their own race results.

I would like to use this as a way of capturing all the clubs races results but it will rely on members adding their own results for it to be successful.

To add a result go to Your Results – if you haven’t logged on you will be prompted to do so.

Simply add the relevant details and hey presto – there it is!

To see how you compare against you fellow runners you can check out the overall page results

Hope you like it!

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Jan 152013

Sunday 13th January 2013

Kaz Ozawa

Thank you very much for Abbey Runners. I am happy that I am still a member though I left the UK last summer. So let me introduce my comeback race.

What is “Frostbite Road Race” like?

This race is popular in Tokyo. It has a half marathon (8,500 people), 5 Km (2,000 people) and 2 km kids/family race (1,000 people). The Yokota Striders Running Club, probably all Americans, organizes the race. The venue is the American Air Force Base, “Yokota Air Base”, in the western area of Tokyo. Its area is 136,413 square meters (1,468,340 sq feet) and it has a 3,353 m x 61 m (11,001ft x 200ft) runway. If you look at my post in Abbey Facebook, you can see how large the area is. “Frostbite Road Race” is a funny name as with “Brass Monkey” for me. I think that both American and British people have a rich sense of humor.

This race is my comeback one after a gap of 2 years and 8 months. Looking back, my last race was Edinburgh Marathon 2010. After the race I had suffered from both calf muscle pain for two years in Leeds. I am considering that the running course with ups and downs is not good for my legs, because I have never injured my calf on the flat courses such as the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and my running course in Tokyo.

How was the “Frostbite Road Race”?

This race was my first entry, but my friends, Rie, Tae and Kaori (see a photo), who are members of Azalea RC, have run the race a few times in the past. We arrived at the gate before one hour of the start time, but it was very crowded. Everyone must show the staff the identification such as a passport, because the Air Base is America. It took about 30 minutes for us to get a race number and a timing chip. Next we must go to the toilet, changing area and baggage area. But everywhere it was very crowded. I am a man and I did all quickly, so I had enough time. But when I stood at the start line before 15 minutes, the area was also jam-packed, sardine-packed, or sushi-packed (Japanese expression) like a rush-hour train in Tokyo. At last I started at 11:00 AM. My friends, ladies had almost no time, so started at the line end.

The course was completely flat. I ran comfortably on the sunny day, seeing American schools, residential houses, several military aircrafts and a runway. Fortunately that day was warmer, over 10 degree C (I feel that Tokyo is colder than Leeds in the winter). Course marshals, all Americans, cheered up us, saying “Ganbatte!” in Japanese, which means “Go for it!”.

My race time was bad, 1H41M16S, behind by nine minutes at “Brass Monkey 2009”, but I must be satisfied with the result because I finished the half marathon without any trouble such as calf muscle pain.

After changing we all members got together again around the finish line, and went to lunch near the base. But there were a lot of people queuing for lunch, so we had to wait over 30 minutes to start to eat and chat there.

In conclusion:

I heard that Japan is in the midst of a marathon boom these days, and a lot of people participate in the races, so all running races in Tokyo are full of people. I am a bit hesitating still now. I remember that the running scene is different from Leeds and Yorkshire: a gentle hill, green grass, row of brick houses, lovely summer, and sheep! Yes, Tokyo is one of the busiest places in the world. On the day I fully enjoyed the race with my friends under a clear blue-sky, seeing the crowd at the American Air Base.




The end

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