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For the 2017 Abbey Runners Grand Prix the rules are the same as last year. An added incentive this year is that all those who complete the minimum requirement of 4 short races, 2 medium races and a long run and who also compete on 3 of the 4 terrains will receive an exclusive Abbey Runners Grand Prix 2017 technical shirt!

  • The Grand Prix will be based on your 7 best counting races
  • Of those 7 races you need to complete a minimum of 4 short races, 2 medium races and any 1 long race to qualify for maximum points
  • Across all the Grand Prix races that you compete in you need to ensure that they include 3 of the following 4 terrains – road, trail / multi terrain, cross country and fell (see FAQ’s below). To take part in 3 of the 4 terrains is enough and they don’t have to be a counting race
  • There are 50 bonus points on offer for taking part in ANY one of the following relays – Danefield relays, Washburn Valley relays and the Leeds Country Way

Short races (up to 7.5 miles)

Race Date Time Terrain Cost Entry open
Dewsbury 10K Sunday 5th February 09:00 R £15.50 Race full
PECO XC Race 5 – Roundhay Park Sunday 5th March 11:00 XC £3 On day
Guiseley Gallop 10K Sunday 16th April (Easter Sunday) 10:30 T £9 Open now
John Carr 5K Race 1 Wednesday 3rd May 19:30 R £10 Open now
Otley Chevin Fell Race Wednesday 31st May 19:30 F £5 On day
Club 5K handicap Tuesday 13th June 19:30 R
East Leeds 10K Friday 7th July 19:00 T £12 Open now
Hellifield Gala Fell Race Saturday 5th August 15:15 F £4 On day
Firefighters 5 (prev West Yorks 5) Sunday 13th August 10:30 R £10 Open now
Kirkstall Abbey 7 Sunday 17th September 10:00 T £10 Open now
Post Hill Challenge 5K Sunday 15th October 10:30 T £4 Open now
PECO XC Race 1 (2017-18) November TBC 11:00 XC £3 On day

Medium races (between 7.5 and 13.5 miles)

Race Date Time Terrain Cost Entry open
Temple Newsam 10M Sunday 8th January 09:30 T £15 Open now
Bluebell Trail Race 10.3M Sunday 7th May 10:00 T £12 Open now
Ripon 10M Sunday 14th May 10:00 T £14 Open now
Otley 10M Wednesday 7th June 19:00 R £12 Open now
Chase the Train, North Yorkshire – Club trip Saturday 17th June 14:00 T £21 Open now
Round Hill Fell Race Sunday 6th August 11:00 F £5 On day
Burnsall 10M Saturday 19th August 14:00 R £10 Open now
Vale of York Half Marathon Sunday 10th September 09:30 R £21 Open now
Guy Fawkes 10M Sunday 5th November 10:30 R £14 Open now

Long race (over 13.5 miles)

Any road, trail or fell race where times and positions are recorded. The qualifying period is from Feb 1st to Nov 30th inclusive

If you are not entering a marathon here are some nearby races that are between 14 and 20 miles in distance

Dentdale Run Saturday 11th March 2017   3 Lakes Classic (15 miles) Saturday 17th June 2017
Spen 20 Sunday 12th March 2017   Northumberland Coastal Run (14 miles) Sunday 23rd July 2017
Locke Park 20 Sunday 19th March 2017   South Cheshire 20 Sunday 3rd September 2017
Heptonstall Fell Race (15.4 miles) Sunday 19th March 2017   Yorkshireman Off Road HM (14.9 miles) September 2017 TBC
East Hull 20 Sunday 19th March 2017   Chester Metric Marathon (16.3 miles) Sunday 8th October 2017
Trimpell 20 Sunday 19th March 2017   Holmfirth 15 October 2017 TBC
Coniston 14 Sunday 25th March 2017   Holly Hustle 22K November 2017 TBC


Do my best 7 races count regardless of distance?

No. Your total score is calculated by using your best 4 short race scores + your best 2 medium race scores + your best long race score

I’ve only managed 4 short and 2 medium races. Does that mean I don’t qualify for the Grand Prix because I didn’t complete a long race?

No. Everyone who competes in a Grand Prix race automatically qualifies for the Grand Prix. To receive the maximum amount of points though you will need to complete the minimum criteria of 7 races as stipulated above

I have run 7 races comprising of 4 short, 2 medium and 1 long. However these were only on road and trail

You still need to enter a cross country race or fell race to qualify for the full points available. In this instance we would only count your 6 best scoring races.

I have run 10 races on the grand prix calendar across road, trail and cross country. However my best scoring races are only road and trail – does this affect my overall score?

It doesn’t affect your overall score. If your 7 best counting races are road and trail, as long as your other 3 races include an XC or fell race then that meets the criteria

I have completed a long race. What do I need to do?

Send your race details including race, position and time to Martin Jones

How are the ‘Open’ and ‘Age Graded’ scores calculated?

For the open scores we calculate the race time (chip time) in seconds of the first male and first female runner. We then calculate each runner’s race time in seconds and use the following formula:

(First male or female time in seconds) / (your time in seconds) x 100 to 1 decimal point

 For age graded scores we use the same times in seconds as above but we also need to calculate the age grade factor for your age at the specific race distance. For this calculation we use to work out the age performance factor using the 2015 WMA tables.

The final calculation is as follows:

(First male or female time in seconds) / (your time in seconds x your age performance factor to 4 decimal points) x 100 to 1 decimal point

Aren’t fell races difficult? Do I need extra kit to enter a fell race?

They can be difficult but like cross country they are open to all abilities and you will find runners of the same pace around you. We are also hoping to do recces of the fell race routes before race day.

In terms of kit it is a FRA (Fell Running Association) requirement to carry kit at all FRA registered races. The kit includes:

  • Waterproof whole body cover (long sleeved jacket with hood and full length trousers)
  • Hat and gloves
  • Map of the race route and compass
  • Whistle
  • Emergency food

At shorter races and depending upon the weather conditions the race organiser may waive the need to carry kit but you must take it just in case

Most runners will carry their kit in a 3L bumbag/waist pouch or for longer races in a small ruck sack. The kit can be picked up cheaply at high street stores like SportsDirect or TK Maxx

What do the fell categories mean?

Fell categories
A Averaging no less than 250ft for every mile of climb, and no more than 20% of total distance on road
B Averaging no less than 125ft for every mile of climb, and no more than 30% of total distance on road
C Averaging no less than 100ft for every mile of climb, and no more than 40% of total distance on road
Short (S) Under 6 miles (9.6k) in length
Medium (M) Between 6 and 12 miles (19.3k) in length
Long (L) More than 12 miles in length


Men Open

Women Open

Men Age Graded

Women Age Graded


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