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Strathclyde parkrun Saturday July 4th 2015

By Jane Oughton

On our way back from holiday, on the West coast of Scotland, I had booked an overnight stop at Strathclyde Park, Glasgow. I have so many happy memories of watching the Commonwealth Games Triathlon here last year, and cheering the Brownlees, and the England sprint team to success, so, I felt drawn back to do a parkrun.

Parkrun in Scotland starts at 9.30, so after picking up a take away breakfast, I jogged down to the start in the pouring Scottish rain. On my way I met three marshals walking to their positions who gave me a welcoming ‘hello’…..I guess they had noticed my Abbey vest! I arrived just in time as I had miss judged that it was almost 2k from the hotel to the start and although ‘warmed up’ I was soaked to the skin!

It’s an out and back course, and begins along the side of the lake for1k before a slight hill and a loop on a trail path, then back on the tarmac path to just outside the sailing centre. There should have been lovely views of the lake and park but it was such a grey and damp morning visibility was limited to seeing the rain bouncing down on the lake, well the wee ducks looked happy.

The lovely marshals I met on my way gave me a cheer as I ran past them (twice) they were soaked to the skin too, but those of you who have ever marshalled you will be aware of the enjoyment of supporting fellow runners.  I tried my hardest to keep up with the 28 minute pacer, but with too much good food, a relaxing nine days, and a blood donation prior to my holiday it all took its toll. So I was surprised to come first in my age category and in the top 100…..yeah you guessed there were only 87 of us running!

A couple of runners at the end asked me where Abbey Runners come from. My reply was ‘ the home of the Brownlees ‘, to which they replied Yorkshire!  I felt it was too late to ask them to come to the Eccup10 the next day and I didn’t have any Abbey flyers with me! I love my Abbey vest, it’s a shame we don’t have Leeds, Yorkshire in big letters on it, but perhaps I could iron some on myself.

So if you are passing Glasgow on a Saturday morning drop in and get yourself a parkrun PB…..but take your brolly as it’s likely to rain!

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