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The Belvoir Cake Challenge

This weekend we went out for an easy run in preparation for this coming weekend when we’ll be moving into a different gear with our toughest challenge yet – the Belvoir Challenge. This is the hardest of our Extreme 2015 Challenges so far.

The Belvoir Challenge website describes the event thus:

The routes (approximately 26 and 15 miles) follow footpaths, byways, tracks, and minor roads, and with the kind permission of the Duke of Rutland, goes through the Belvoir Estate. Both routes start and finish at Harby School (grid ref SK746312) and are clearly way-marked with coloured tape.

That’s good to know since I seem to be getting lost constantly at the moment – i’m sure a little bit of coloured tape will keep me on the straight and narrow though …

So the plan this weekend is go with the run/walk strategy we tried out the other week in preparation for Cortina. By my calculations this should mean we finish this in 4:00 based on my 9:15 min/mile. Though since I have no idea what the terrain is – apart from the above description it could be widely off the mark. Also I am rubbish at calculations and my pacing is iffy.

Belvoir is going to be very interesting; our one and only experience of running a marathon was last year at Manchester. This was a very flat road marathon. Belvoir is a trail marathon and is well known for the homemade cakes provided – indeed is one of the few events where you can actually put on weight.

This worries me. I haven’t really ever trained with cake despite the fact that I enjoy it. Maybe I should have prepared better with some quick banana loaf stops? I know Duncan swears by battenberg but I don’t believe it is the fuel of choice personally? Will it supply the essential vitamins and minerals I need to support my well tuned body? I think not. Also the event organisers haven’t answered my repeated questions about whether they are providing decent espresso to wash it down with or even if they have serviettes. There are some serious questions here.

Anyway – what I think we’ll need to do is alternate between cake (i’d prefer Victoria sponge for lightness) followed by a couple of flapjacks for oaty goodness. We need to avoid the rocky road I think.

Meanwhile – Alison is still dubious about her foot; though she has rested it well and managed some decent trail miles without causing too much distress. While we have had very little in the way of long runs – the longest so far is 15 miles (yes that is very short) she is awesomely fit and incredibly stubborn – I figure it will take a lot to stop her.

Personally my biggest concern is missing the coloured tape and whether I can get a doggy bag…

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