Anglesey Rocks

Somehow the video I shot this weekend has managed to capture the madness, excitement and energy of this weekend. Despite a horrendous journey on Friday night to Anglesey we woke on Saturday to a glorious cool but sunny day. After our race staple breakfast of porridge and bagel we were well fortified for the race and headed off to the start.

Alison was sporting black strapping to her legs this week; hopefully all would be well with her but she was ready to hit the trail hard.

Upon arriving I picked up my trail shoes and decided they wouldn’t work for me today. My choice of running shoes; the venerable Salomon Speed Cross was looking very dejected and sorry for himself. The wound it received at Hardmoors had not healed and to be frank he didn’t look up to the job. This left me with my decidedly second favourite shoe, the Salomon XR Mission. Yes I know this is a women shoe but if the shoe fits then I’ll wear it, besides it looks awesome. This shoe has some serious draw backs; it is rubbish on wet stone and rubbish in the mud. Salomon describe it as a door to trail shoe.

Jane H has a pair, she tells me she only uses it for walking into town…

Anyway despite my misgivings I didn’t have a choice as the Speed Cross didn’t look like they would survive a fifteen mile trail run. Despite this my good old Speed Cross decided to help me one last time with an impromptu pep talk to my XRs – then wishing me and their compatriots well we headed off.

We registered, got our tag and listened to the briefing. All standard stuff. Before long we were ready at the line and then we hit the road.

I’ve put together a timelapse video (5600 photos stitched together) switch it to HD for best quality and crank up the sound.


What a run – I didn’t notice my legs ached until the last few miles I was so busy looking at the scenery. While it was hilly – the conditions were fantastic and the race organisation spot on. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

At the end Alison was pretty chilled out; I think she was relieved that her foot had held out and she’d got through the run in one piece. I on the other hand was buzzing; pretty much chatting to every random stranger who had the poor luck to pass by me.

Man that was one inspirational run. I’ve been dreaming about it for days.

Running is awesome.

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