Moving club headquarters and Crisp Night

hivizClub headquarters and training will move to Holt Park Active 16th September  (excluding junior training with will continue to be from AWMA until the end of September).

We are keen to make our presence known and would ask that everyone that owns Abbey Runners tops/vests or Eccup 10 vests please wear them tomorrow so that we start with an ABBEY SPLASH!

We suggest that if you can, you aim to be at the club (Holt Park Active) for 7:15 so you can be shown around briefly ahead of the usual 7:30 start.

Crisp night will also be held 16th September to celebrate the move!  We can meet in our designated meeting room at Holt Park Active after running, showering and changing, then all go over together to the High Farm pub for crisps, nuts, a drink and the runner of the month award for August.

Don’t forget your hi viz clothing as it is dark new from around 7:30

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