Leeds Country Way (LCW) relay, Sunday 31 August

Although this is a few months away we need to get numbers and teams entered for the Leeds Country Way.  The number of teams allowed this year has been reduced by 50% and we would normally enter 4-5 teams each with 12 members per team for this very popular local event with Abbey men’s and ladies “A” and “B” teams and possibly also a mixed team if we have enough interest from runners.

For newcomers, the LCW relay is suitable for runners of all abilities provided you are able to cover the leg distances reasonably comfortably.  The route follows the Leeds Country Way footpaths and trails encircling Leeds and divided into 6 ‘legs’, with each leg having a pair of runners that run together as a team.  Written (abbreviated) instructions are provided months in advance and the club (or combined with other local clubs) will typically have groups going out a few weeks before the event so that new runners can reconnoitre (“reccie”) the legs that they will be running and familiarise themselves with the route.  You would still take your printed instructions with you on the race too!

This is a fun event and many of our runners have been keen to come back and do this year after year.  If you are relatively new and want to give this a try then please do not be shy – these team events are a great way to meet more people in the club and other clubs (who are typically a friendly bunch) and get involved in team competitive running.  There is a food and drink at the end for all runners (which I believe finishes in Garforth?).  Pairings will be managed by the Liz Willis and Greg Weatherhead as club ladies’ and men’s captains and pairings are ‘optimised’ to enable people of similar abilities to run together and anyone with no navigational capability to run with a partner that has (cough! mentioning no names!).

If you are interested but not feeling confident then please talk to fellow club members at the club runs and you should be reassured!

For more information:

N.B. Please can you confirm to your club captains if you would like to run LCW relay by Friday 16 May at the latest so that we can get our teams entered in good time and avoid disappointment later

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