Reminder: Eccup 10 – help needed leafleting please!

I’ve got 7,500 leaflets weighing down the boot of my car.  The extra weight means my gas guzzler guzzles more gas and oncoming drivers are dazzled by my headlights.  To both save the planet and prevent death or injury on the highway, it is imperative that these leaflets are given away to a good home.  And by good home, I mean, put in the hands of a finish funnel runner or under the wiper blade of a car-parked-at-the-owner’s-risk vehicle whilst the owner is gallivanting around the roads or fells of Yorkshire.

Below is a list of forthcoming races.  If you could take a bundle of leaflets to hand out at these races, not only would you ensure we get a bumper crop of entrants to the Eccup 10 this year (July 13th by the way, put it in your diary because your help will be needed on the day), you’ll be doing your bit for the environment and for the future.  Speak to me or John Ward to offer your services.  Your club, your planet (without volunteers there would be no races!)

 Date Race
Sun April 20 Guiseley Gallop
Sun April 27 Huddersfield ½ + Full Marathon
Sun May 4 Bluebell Trail
Sun May 11 Leeds Half Marathon
Sun May 18 Ripon 10 mile
Thurs May 22 Apperley Bridge Canter (ABC)
Sat May 26 Ilkley Trail Race
Sun May 27 Vets Kirkstall
Sun May 29 Wakefield ½ + Full Marathon
Wed June 11 Otley 10 mile
Sun June 15 Castle Howard 10k
Sun June 22 Pudsey 10K
Wed July 2 prov Danefield Relay
Wed July 3 YVAA 5 mile Haworth



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