The Bradford 10K

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4 Responses

  1. devmikey says:

    Jim – my pb at Bradford is about 12 minutes slower…

  2. peter.leach says:

    Hi Jim,

    Oops, Sorry Jim. I searched under Abbey Runners and for some reason you are down as un-attached!
    It makes for interesting journalism perhaps.
    At least I gave you a better finishing time!

    Peter Leach

  3. jim.whittaker says:

    I am on the results! – honest!! – position 84th!!

    Or did I dream the whole race?? That’s happened before!

  4. jim.whittaker says:

    My time was actually 42:55, Age Position M40 23 and Chip Position 84.

    Don’t know why they left off my running club on the results.

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