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The Bradford 10K

Bradford 10K 2013

We couldn’t find our star runner John Halliwell for the pre race photo, but we were allowed into the Town Hall to capture the moment!

John was the first Abbey home in a time of 40:44 and Jim Whittaker claimed he got back in 42:30 but there is no record of this in the official results. I did see him near the half way mark, but he was running in the opposite direction!

What a brilliant run by Victoria, who was first in her age category.

Name Time Age  Position Chip Position
John Halliwell 40:44 M40 13 48
Jim Whittaker 42:55 M40 23 84
Jim Perkins 43:09 M40 24 87
Victoria Goulden 44:06 F50 1 109
Elizabeth Willis 46:38 F40 3 186
Laurence Lennon 53:06 M50   41 408
Peter Leach 53:39 M60 13 422
Peter Persico 54:09 MSen 193 445
Bernard Foster 1:00:02 M60 28 633

809 Runners

Bradford is notorious for it’s steep hills, but fortunately this race is flat along Canal Road, except for a short climb at the start up to the Cathedral.

4 thoughts on “The Bradford 10K”

  1. My time was actually 42:55, Age Position M40 23 and Chip Position 84.

    Don’t know why they left off my running club on the results.

  2. I am on the results! – honest!! – position 84th!!

    Or did I dream the whole race?? That’s happened before!

  3. Hi Jim,

    Oops, Sorry Jim. I searched under Abbey Runners and for some reason you are down as un-attached!
    It makes for interesting journalism perhaps.
    At least I gave you a better finishing time!

    Peter Leach

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