Oct 302012

November & December 2012

Get ready for some speed

We will continue to alternate between track and road* sessions (for which we will meet at the club) for the rest of the Winter months. All sessions will start at 7.30pm

prompt: please meet at 7.20pm.

*Please note that these sessions take place on roads in the dark, so please be sensible and wear Hi Viz / Reflective clothing!

November 1st 600m intervals (track)
November 8th 8 x 3 mins on road (club)
November 15th 2K efforts at Threshold Pace (track)
November 22nd Long hills on road (club)
November 29th Intervals ‘pyramid session’ (track)
December 6th Fartlek on road (club)
December 13th 6 x 4 mins (track)
December 20th Short hills on road (club)
December 27th No session
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Oct 242012

This is the life

There are 3 short races remaining: Great Whernside (27th Oct), Shepherd’s Skyline (3rd Nov) and Harriers v Cyclists (10th Nov – note this clashes with WYXC!). 2 medium races remaining: Mytholmroyd (9th Dec – this also clashes with WYXC) and Auld Lang Syne (31st Dec) – see below. Any long race will count, but there are only 2 remaining in the calendar – Roaches (Nov 11th) and Tour of Pendle (17th Nov).

For full details on the league

If any races or results are missing from the league, please us the Contact Form to let Richard know as soon as possible.

Auld Lang Syne Fell Race – 31st Dec 2012

The traditional fell-running way to end the year is pre-entry only again this year. Entry forms were made available at Withins Skyline on Sunday, and will be on the website (woodentops.org.uk) soon. Entries will not be accepted for the race before the 1st November (Dave usually puts early arrivals in a pile and forgets about them for a week if there are any spots left!). If you want to do the race, the advice is that you post your entry form on or as close to 31st Oct (not before!).

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Oct 242012

Jane is in the zone

Race 1 results are in. The ladies did us proud with a total of 7 runners, Karen Garvican leading the way in 23rd place, and the team (Karen, Rachel M, Sharon Woodruff, Alison Smith, Liz, Jane and Shanna) finished 12th out of 16 complete teams, which is an excellent result!

Unfortunately we only had 5 men’s runners, so we didn’t count as a team (room for improvement!), however Matt Hallam had an outstanding first run in an Abbey vest finishing just outside the top-20. Greg Weatherhead, John Ward and Jim Whittaker also had good runs.

Full results available at West Yorkshire Cross Country and Track and Field League

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Oct 192012

Abbey Runners AGM 2012

Club run (for this night only) at 7.00pm

Committee Positions listed below will be elected on the night.
All positions are available for nomination – please ask the person you wish to nominate first.
Abbey Runners Club Constitution…click here

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Men’s Captain
  • Ladies’ Captain
  • Club Coach
  • Fell Running Secretary
  • Vets’ Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Social Secretary
  • Communications Secretary
  • Website Administrator

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Oct 192012

Getting into the spirit of Christmas

Christmas is coming…

Advance notice of the Abbey Christmas Party – Saturday 8th December 2012. It will be in the AWMA hall and Cobblers Wax (ceilidh band) will be doing their thing again. More details to follow nearer the time.

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Oct 182012

This is an introduction to the new site where I’ll highlight some of the things we have done and explain our plans and goals for the site moving forward.

One of the things we wanted to do with the new site was to make it easily to maintain, keeping a site up to date and fresh is challenge. To help with this we need to share some of the responsibilities for managing content such as moderating the forums, maintaining the galleries and writing articles, features and news letters. We also need a full time Photo guru to manage the massive number of pictures we take and thing about video footage etc.

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Oct 182012
Martin eats

The man behind the weekly phenomenon

I know some of you think that I slave for hours over a hot computer researching the words ‘n’ stuff for your weekly helping of Abbey pie, but truth is, I rely on a phalanx of informants closer to the dark underbelly of the running underworld than I. All of which is a roundabout way (the only way I know) to point out that if there are things you think your fellow Abbey ought to know (such as up and coming races, bargain offers at Up & Running, a planned Sunday long run, repeats of Blake’s 7 on BBC4) then email me and I’ll include it in the weekly circular (well maybe not the repeats of Blake’s 7; I’ll keep that one to myself).

Abbey Dash

A plea from your Uncle Peter to please help at the Abbey Dash on Sunday the 18th November. We need more members to marshal at road junctions on Kirkstall Road and to help at the start and finish areas in the city centre.

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